KEMOCEL rapid drying varnish


Kemocel - rapid drying nail universal topcoat for protection and decoration of primarily metal and wood surfaces. Because of its special anti-corrosion properties, it can be used as an anti-corrosive topcoat. It features high mechanical strength, rapid drying and good resistance to weathering, mild chemicals, fuels and lubricants.


Agricultural machinery, tools, trailers, industrial equipment, internal transport means and other products from the metal-working and electrical industries. It is recommended that on a well prepared metal surface Kemocel Primer or Kemolux Anticorrosive rapid drying universal primer be applied, followed by Kemocel Rapid drying varnish in the desired shade, in two layers. For less strained surfaces, Kemocel Rapid drying varnish can be applied directly to the metal as anticorrosive topcoat.


12-14 m2/l in a single layer on a smooth surface with a dry film thickness of 30 micrometres


0,75 l / 2 l / 2,5 l / 10 l / 18 l


Do 5% nitro razrjeđivač / razrjeđivač brzosušivi.


Store in dry and ventilated areas outside of the direct contact with the sun's rays at a temperature of between +5 °C and +25 °C


DRYINGThe next layer can be applied after 1 h, the film is completely dry within 4-6 hours. Forced drying: 30 minutes at 60 °C.


  • ral 9006
  • white matte 418
  • silver
  • L401-white
  • L434-yellow
  • L404-ocher
  • L405-brown
  • L432-red
  • L411-green
  • L408-blue
  • L406-grey
  • L413-black